Marketing Audit

The definition of marketing audit according to Abe Schuchman is as follows:

“Marketing audit is a systematic, critical and impartial review and appraisal of the total marketing operation: of the basic objectives and polices and the assumptions which underline them as well as the methods, procedures, personnel and organization employed to implement the policies and achieve the objectives”

He wrote this discussion foe the American marketing association (AMA) in 1951.

 Marketing audit is a radical part of marketing planning process. Marketing audit is planned not only during the beginning phase but also throughout implementation of plan. Marketing audit thinks carefully on both marketing planning (internal and external). It helps company to evaluate the business strategies, activities, goals and results.

The meaning of marketing audit is depicted in the following chart.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.33.07 AM

fig: marketing audit (Akrani, G. (2014))


Why marketing audit should be done?

-To determine whether the product or service that you are lunching would exist in market or not.

– Another one is to determine what should be further done to develop the products.

– To get assist in sale of your product.



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