Identify Micro Analysis


  1. Micro Analysis

Microenvironment has a direct impact on the business operation and its success. The Actors in the Micro environmental forces are:

Actors in the Micro Environment (Armstrong, Kotler et al 2012)



  • Customers

In all the business customers is equally important part and the business should be oriented towards customers. The marketing plan of the firm should aim the customer’s wants and needs and best customers’ service.

  • Company

The entire department with in the organization has a positive and negative impact customer’s satisfaction they work to provide goods and service to the general publics.

  • Competitors

All the competitors are related to your business. Competitor’s analysis and monitoring is most important in an organization.

  • Suppliers

Suppliers provide a material needed to the company for business activities. A behavior of supplies does direct effect on the supply of the business.

  • Marketing intermediaries

The business has a direct relation to different sources like Bank, Finance operation, Warehouse, wholesale, retailers all of these are directly or indirectly related to the business.

  • Publics

Publics are a group of a people who are generally affected by the business (directly or indirectly). Publics are the main marketing formulator they are one of the main source of marketing.

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